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Press Release : Telerik Announces the Beta Release of Test Studio for iOS
on 2012/3/16 3:38:49 (3112 reads)
Press Release

The entire Test Studio crew has been working hard on this ground-breaking release for us. Test Studio for iOS offers the same great approach to mobile testing as you find in our previous releases of Test Studio Standalone and Express. You’re able to quickly build up powerful, flexible tests on both native iOS applications as well as testing browser-based applications running on your iOS device. Building hybrid applications? We’ve got that covered too!

Our iOS beta download comes with a number of projects for XCode. You’ll get our demo app, Test Studio, and Test Studio Browser. You can add testing to any of your native iOS apps (UIKit-based) simply by including a reference to Test Studio’s static library. We’ve included full directions on accomplishing this in the README! doc included in the Beta download. Once you’ve built your app with our static library you’re ready to roll away to create, run, and manage tests.

The iOS testing features follow the same great concepts as Test Studio:
* Ease of use for recording, maintaining, and playing back test scripts
* No position-based locator strategy, even with native apps! This is huge for stability and maintainability of test scripts!
* Portability of test scripts across different iOS device types. Record tests for your app on the iPod touch, play them back on your app running in the latest iPad.

Test Studio for iOS has two very important advantages:
1. No wifi required. Record, run, edit, and manage your tests while you’re on a train, plane, or horse. Please, not while you’re in the bathtub or pool.
2. No tethering required. You’re completely independent of your development environment. Create your applications, deploy to a device, hand the device off to your testers so they can go do their work from their hammock in the back yard.

One other critical aspect of Test Studio for iOS: No jailbreaking of your phone. You can do great testing on an unmodified phone!



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